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New Artist : Marq P Kearey

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I am so pleased to announce a new addition to my website : Marq P Kearey.

Marq works mainly with mixed media & collage, and has recently moved from larger works to small, intimate, thoughtful works, five of which I have chosen to share with you.

When London based Marq found himself without a studio, he moved from large scale wall-based work to the more mobile medium of sketchbooks. In carrying his medium around with him, Marq found himself working further on these pieces he had expected to simply be a series of sketches. They have evolved to become wonderful artworks in their own right, painted papers, cut-outs and collage.

You can see a selection of Marq's works on my website here :, all available to purchase.

Above left : Marq P Kearey in his former London studio.

Above right : Stairs to the Moon 2, gouache on paper, 14x21cm, 2021, £400 each, framed.

Marq is also among the artists currently in my pop-up gallery at The Drawing Rooms in Bath. His works arrived this week and can now be seen hanging in the stairwell, please contact me directly to book a viewing time, and a tour of my full pop-up exhibition. Call 07721 741 107 or email

Please join us for 'Sandra's Salon with Marq P Kearey' on Weds 6th July, your chance to meet the artist, and hear him talk about his career to date, his working processes and inspiration. 'Sandra's Salon' brings a regular programme of cultural and fun events to The Drawing Rooms in Bath. As per salon tradition, audience participation and conversation are greatly encouraged! You can sign up to my mailing list here or follow my social media at the bottom of this page for more details on Marq's talk soon.

Above left : Unpacking Marq's works, Stairs to the Moon 2 and 5.

Above right : Marq's works in situ at The Drawing Rooms, Stairs to the Moon 3, 4 and 5.

All works are gouache on paper, 14x21cm, 2021, £400 each, framed.

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