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The Green Trail

I’m delighted to share photos of the pilot Green Trail and Tree Hugging event that took place at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, on 8 July, as part of the Staff Health & Wellbeing Festival.

RUH Staff Members engaging with The Green Trail

Louise Wirick, Creative Producer of the Curious Company, and I delivered a bespoke walking tour around the green spaces that surround the hospital, encouraging staff members to take a moment to connect and give back to nature in the midst of their busy working day.

The Green Trail Map

Together, participants took a walk around the hospital to look at the designated trees on the map that we created for the occasion. We discussed the way we all responded to the different trees, and invited physical connections, including hugging our favourite trees and taking photos.

RUH Staff Member engaging in Tree Hugging

We also set up a ‘Wish Tree’ inspired by the ongoing installation series started in 1981 by Yoko Ono. Viewers of these exhibitions are invited to tie a written wish to the tree, and we’ve invited staff at the hospital to do the same with this beautiful tree in the grounds of the RUH.

Louise Wirick at the Wish Tree

We were delighted to have so many participants and individual responses to the event, and Louise and I look forward to creating more similar events for public engagement soon.


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