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EXHIBITION : Shades of Green

I invite you to click the image to explore the virtual exhibition of my art project Shades of Green.

Shades of Green is a personal art project I have been working on since the beginning of the first lockdown in the UK, inspired by the Somerset landscape near the picturesque village of Englishcombe where I live, just outside of Bath, UK.⁠

I gathered together a specially selected group of artists, intentionally diverse in their practices, and asked each to respond to the same landscape view through their own personal reaction after visiting the location.⁠

The artists range from abstract to figurative, surreal and pop, thus the exhibition is as much a study of their individual artistic relationship with nature as the depiction of it through the works they have created. ⁠

My sincere thanks go to the participating artists, whose creative minds and sensitive artworks have contributed so successfully to the realisation of this project over the last two years : John Ball; Day Bowman; Louisa Burnett-Hall; Iain Cotton; David Ferry; Pete Hoida; Timothy Emlyn Jones; Marguerite Horner; Susan McDonald; Fiona McIntyre; Roy Osborne; Richard Walker and David Walsh.

I would also like to thank Tom Dale who produced the virtual exhibition for me, and Scarlett Mosnier, my assistant, for your hard work.

I invite you to visit the exhibition, and hope you enjoy it as much as my team and I do :


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