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EVENTS: Sandra's Salons for June - Fiona McIntyre, Marguerite Horner & David Walsh

Updated: May 28, 2022

I'm delighted to announce that there will be three Sandra's Salon events in June at The Drawing Rooms, Beau Nash House, 19 Union Passage, Bath. These will be with artists Fiona McIntyre (Expressionist), Marguerite Horner (Realist) and David Walsh (Impressionist).


The first event will be on the 1 June at 8pm and with Fiona McIntyre.

Fiona is a well-travelled and established painter and printmaker. She is a founding member of The Arborealists and member of Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative. Having lived and practised abroad for a number of years in Scandinavia, she is fascinated by meaning, materials and connection to place, both familiar and otherwise, and explores her practice with the vision of how this can be expressed from a perspective of separation and time. During her talk, she will introduce specific projects mapping her journey into natural pigments and inks, as well as her response to the unique landscape of Englishcombe for Shades of Green, and a recent residency in Herefordshire for the Sidney Nolan Trust.

Tickets are £10 or FREE for students and available through The Drawing Rooms.


The second event will be on the 8 June at 8pm and with Marguerite Horner.

Marguerite Horner will be talking about her life painting from her earliest years, starting from her first solo exhibitions in her twenties through her years painting as a scenic artist at the BBC, and then painting to commission for editorial work on magazines such as the ‘World of Interiors’ and the ‘Sunday Times’ and also on Advertising campaigns, collaborating with photographers such as Adrian Flowers and David Bailey, before returning to her own fine art practice. Her own paintings aim to investigate, amongst other things, notions of transience, intimacy, loss and hope.

Marguerite’s recent paintings, inspired by her artist residency in China, are currently on exhibition in The Drawing Rooms in Bath, and her paintings inspired by the landscape around Bath, are part of the ‘Shades of Green’ exhibition curated by Sandra Higgins at the Royal United Hospital.

Tickets are £10 or FREE for students and available through The Drawing Rooms.


The third event will be on the 22 June at 8pm and with David Walsh.

In his talk, en plein air landscape artist David Walsh will look at the crucial rule that being in the landscape, walking through it and experiencing the weather has on his painting. He will also talk about the draw of particular places in particular seasons, as well as his history of becoming a landscape painter and the journey of cycling from England to Italy in the period of his life that he calls the Awakening and Enlightenment. There will also be a focus on his 38 year (and counting) relationship with Italy, the balance with England, and the role of France for him as an en plein air painter.

David’s talk will also reflect on the influence of early plein air painters on his and others work, as well as the act of painting requiring both energy and stillness. He will discuss land, sea, time and movement, and finish with a look at painting as a unique gift to us all.

Tickets are £10 or FREE for students and available through The Drawing Rooms.


I hope you can join me and these artists at what promises to be three inspiring and engaging events, each with a bespoke cocktail especially curated for the evening by mixologist at TDR Sam Walker.


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