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Dreaming The Land - Fiona McIntyre

I’m delighted to announce that in conjunction with the Sidney Nolan Trust, I’m now able to offer you information and prices regarding the works of Fiona McIntyre as exhibited in ‘Dreaming The Land’, currently on show at The Rodd, near Presteigne.

This solo exhibition is the result of a residency at The Sidney Nolan Trust, near Presteigne, in which Fiona McIntyre expresses an imagined landscape inspired by a synergy of objects drawn from the personal collection of Sidney Nolan. She is interested in his unique vision of landscape imagined, remembered and expressed from a perspective of separation and time.

If you’d like to find out more information about the works in the Dreaming The Land exhibition by Fiona McIntyre, you can contact me at, or you can follow this link to view the package prepared for the exhibition:

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