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"I cycled to Italy from England in 1984 to embrace a ‘Grand Tour‘ of great art, architecture and land. I spent two years in the mid-eighties living in Rome where I learnt the joys of chairo/scuro drawing and all about colour. My love of landscape has always been with me and I am entirely at one with countryside and seascapes when painting. I am a plein air artist using the finest materials to create what the light before me gives. 

I spent much time and research carefully finding places that move me to paint in various seasons with their light changes.


I paint in the UK and Europe and have exhibited since 1993.


Every painting is a revelation, unique and individual. My work is constantly going on. I cannot detach non painting time from painting time, the former is a necessary preparation for the latter. I fell this lack of distinction both more of the time and more intensely.

I do not see myself as having a style but rather as representing a moment of vision, that is to say that which has captivated me by its own truth. 

I want my work to be deeply beautiful and a calming influence on the viewer."

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