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Artist's Statement:


"My work is a response to the beauty of the world around. I try to explore and understand the profound interaction that takes place between ourselves and this world.  From the simplest geometry a complex world can emerge; I want to weave that into the painting so that it might correspond with the underlying mystery of nature.  In making this work I look at how geometry and pattern could be metaphors for these interactions, throwing light upon the experience and creating perhaps a meditative aspect in the work.

The sources for these paintings are very close by. The woods and hills around Maiden Bradley, my garden, and gardens nearby and the changing seasons and weather."

Susanna Lisle was born in Leeds, Yorkshire and studied the Foundation Course at Leeds then Painting at Goldsmiths College of Art, University of London. In 2010 she completed an MA in Fine Art at Bath School of Art, Bath. She is a member and regular exhibitor with the Bath Society of Artists.

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