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Zev Robinson gallery_installation_2015 (1).jpg

Zev Robinson is a Canadian-British artist and filmmaker, with a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal in 1983. From there he went to NY to get his MFA at Hunter College, and subsequently moved to Europe, living in London, Spain, and currently, Scotland.

Zev has spent thousands of hours in museums, absorbing lessons from the past that give his work a strong sense of composition and extraordinary luminosity and richness of colour. At the same time, his paintings have a playful, surreal sense that situate them within contemporary art practices. 


From 2001-07, Zev worked on the digital and time-based project artafterscience which, in 2008, led to his first food documentary that in turn evolved into his art, film and food project The Art and Politics of Eating.


This has been the main focus of his work since then, with art exhibitions, screening and food events, and a steady stream of documentary films about food that have been screened at universities, cinemas, art galleries and restaurants.


Zev is currently the artist-in-residence with the University of Glasgow Food Sovereignty Network, with new projects coming up in 2022.

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