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Summer Newsletter

Shades of Green Extended!

I am delighted to announce that the Shades of Green Exhibition at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, has been extended until the 8th of August! Visitors, staff and patients have all remarked how the artwork gracing the walls of the main corridor lifts everyone's spirits.

ABOVE: David Walsh, from L-R: Spring over Englishcombe Summer over Englishcombe; View over Englishcombe Valley, near Bath

BELOW: Fiona McIntyre, from L-R: Late Summer; Pine Glade; Woodland Clearing; Sunburst, King Arthur

The show is open to the public from 8am-8pm daily, and all works are available to purchase, with a percentage of all sales going to 'Art at the Heart', the charity which supports the hospital with an art and design programme to stimulate healing and well-being, and create an uplifting environment for patients, visitors, and staff.

There's still plenty of time to visit the exhibition before it closes on the 8th of August. Do contact me at to arrange an appointment. I'm able to offer curatorial tours of the exhibition for individuals or groups of up to 5 people. You may just find the perfect piece of work for your home or office!

More information, including prices for the works on display, available here.

ABOVE: Marguerite Horner, from L-R: Against it you cannot rage; Dense; Darkness and Light

BELOW: Richard Walker, from L-R: Ordinance Surveyed; Map Referenced; Country Coded


The Green Trail

As part of the Shades of Green Exhibition, Creative Producer of The Curious Company, Louise Wirick and I created The Green Trail as part of the RUH Staff Health and Wellbeing Festival on the 8th of July.

Louise and I delivered a bespoke walking tour around the green spaces that surround the hospital, encouraging staff members to take a moment to connect and give back to nature in the midst of their busy working day.

Together, participants took a walk around the hospital to look at the designated trees on the map that we created for the occasion. We discussed the way we all responded to the different trees, and invited physical connections, including hugging our favourite trees and taking photos.

We also set up a ‘Wish Tree’ inspired by the ongoing installation series started in 1981 by Yoko Ono. Viewers of these exhibitions are invited to tie a written wish to the tree, and we’ve invited staff at the hospital to do the same with this beautiful tree in the grounds of the RUH.

As this was a pilot event, we were delighted to have so many participants and individual responses to the event. Louise and I look forward to creating more similar events for public engagement soon.


The Drawing Rooms

I hosted three Sandra's Salon events at The Drawing Rooms, Bath, throughout June, all of which were accompanied by a bespoke cocktail and engaging conversation.

Fiona McIntyre discussed her practice, techniques and life adventures, giving us an insight into her time spent travelling extensively throughout Europe to find places which became the subject matter for her imagination.

Marguerite Horner took us on a whirlwind tour of her life in the art world, from her days at the BBC painting scenery, all the way through to her recent residency in China, and the works she created for the Shades of Green Exhibition.

David Walsh transported us from Bath to the beautiful countryside of Italy during his talk which reminisced on his Italian training, and his frequent visits across the continent to complete his en plein air landscape works.

I still have work on show in The Drawing Rooms, Bath, which you can arrange to visit by appointment at I look forward to bringing back events later in the year.


Paradise Found: New Visions of the Blackdown Hills

Mark your calendar as I will be co-curating an exciting exhibition titled Paradise Found: New Visions of the Blackdown Hills with Fiona McIntyre and Tim Craven.

Fiona, Tim & I have each selected 12 artists, all diverse in their practice, to visit 12 sites across the Blackdown Hills along the Somerset-Devon border where works were made by Spencer Gore, Robert Bevan and Charles Ginner of the Camden Town Group in the early 20th century, some of which will be shown alongside these new works as part of the exhibition.

The show will begin exhibiting at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, in March 2023 and will consist of a variety of different mediums alongside art history, artist talks and workshops that will be included as part of the exhibition programme, as well as guided walks and ecological commentaries throughout the landscape.

More information will be available soon in future newsletters.


Get Involved & Stay in Touch

If you'd like to walk through the Shades of Green Exhibition with me, or view the artwork in the pop-up gallery at The Drawing Rooms, please email to arrange a time.

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