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Art in Your Home

Buying art is a wonderful and exciting experience - and one of the few things that bring you pleasure forever after your initial investment.

However, it's sometimes really difficult to envisage how artwork might look in your home or business premises. Invariably, pieces look different when displayed in different spaces and environments.

That's why, when we place new work in the Online Gallery, we also include a page that shows how the artwork looks in a home environment. Just click on the orange button at the bottom of each of the Artists' pages to see how their works look in a home setting.

Of course, everybody's space is different and choosing the right art can be a big decision. However, Sandra can help you with this; she can visit you in your home, get an idea of your taste and budget and then make tailored recommendations just for you.

Or, why not send us a picture of your room or wall, and with a couple of simple measurements, Sandra can make virtual recommendations for you and show you how artworks would look in your own space.

As an art advisor, not only can Sandra save you money and give you investment advice, but she collaborates with a huge breadth of artists, both in the UK and abroad, so she can bring you art that you might not otherwise get a chance to see.

Big or small, there is an artwork out there for everyone and every room.

Contact Sandra at to find out how she can help you choose a beautiful artwork for your home or business.


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