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Roy Osborne is a British painter, educator, historian and writer.


As an artist he has contributed to over 140 group exhibitions in Britain and abroad as well as 6 solo shows.


As an educator he was a visiting lecturer in higher education, presenting practical courses and lectures at over 200 institutions worldwide.


As an author, he has contributed to some 30 books on colour starting with Lights and Pigments: Colour Principles for Artists in 1980 and including Colour Influencing Form, 2004, Books on Colour 1495-2105: History and Bibliography, 2015, and translations of Renaissance publications on colour symbolism. In acknowledgement of his contributions to colour theory and practice, in 2003 he was the first recipient of the Turner Medal of the Colour Group (Great Britain) and in 2019 was the first recipient of the Medal for Colour in Art, Design and Environment of the International Colour Association.

In his various ongoing series of works, his abstract illusionist paintings explore implied depth, figure-ground ambiguity, pattern symmetry, hard versus soft edge, implied transparency and light and shade. They typically feature horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curvilinear divisions of a square and are primarily concerned with colour contrast, harmony, contour, optical blending and texture.

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