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Photo © James Bradley

Fiona McIntyre has developed her art career over 36 years at studios and locations including Iceland, Sweden and Scotland. She trained in Painting and Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art, then for her MA at Winchester School of Art studios in Barcelona.

In Sweden Fiona was mentored by Surrealist printmaker Bertil Lundberg, who had worked with Stanley William Hayter of Atelier 17, Paris.

Since 2004, Fiona has been resident in Gloucestershire practising from her studio near Cirencester to develop work which she describes as a sort of contemporary colourist-romantic-expressionism.


Her subjects of unspoilt nature and trees are painted with oils, in vivid gestural chromatic layers of shifting colour, with which she attempts to describe a sort of life-force, making the unseen visible thereby transforming our viewpoint to encourage a reconnection to an increasingly threatened natural world.  

Fiona has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, most recently ‘Being With Trees’ at Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery Gibraltar. Fiona is a founding member of the contemporary artists The Arborealists.

In September 2021 Fiona began a residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust, where she developed a new body of work; paintings, drawings and prints inspired by the landscape of Herefordshire and the personal collection of Sidney Nolan. 

She was elected ARE Royal Society Painter Printmakers in 2022.

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