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Born in the United States, Susan McDonald’s upbringing on her family farm in Illinois was defined by the seasons and life cycles; growth, procreation and decay. Her painting is born out of this acute love, and keen observation of the movements of nature.


Some of Susan's paintings have a vibrant density and some a delicate fragility, reflecting the cycles in her own world. Her exhilaration of being alive and aware underpins this body of work, which is also influenced by Louise Bourgeois’s nature drawings which mine the symbolic potential nature of trees, branches, leaves and rivers in various media. 

Susan has lived in London for the past 20 years and studied at Central Saint Martins. Previously, she spent years living and working in Japan and the Far East which sparked her own calligraphy inspired abstract painting. Recent exhibitions have been at the Urbanek Gallery in London and the Ninoska Hurta Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida. Susan’s work is held in many private collections in Paris, London, New York, Miami, Sydney, Athens and Panama.

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