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Maxine works mainly in the mediums of monotype, intaglio and relief, frequently using palimpsest within the complexity of her multi-layered prints.


Inspired by her surroundings, these seeming disparate urban and natural environments are linked by decades of unique erosion and decay, brought about by natural and man-made interventions, introducing meandering connections to their water sources.




Being reunited with beaches familiar from childhood - full of memories past and present - raised concerns about how it has changed considerably over the decades; cliffs disappearing into the sea and the increasing pollution found on our shores day to day.


Her most recent work, created during the time of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, hopes to bring some awareness to the increase of plastic washed up on our precious shores, as well as the loneliness and difficulties we all faced during this time. She draws inspiration from the bits of plastic she finds on her south Devon coastal walks, the ancient Thurlestone Rock and memories from childhood. At first glance the bright primary colours scattered within some of her prints could be mistaken for beautiful small jewels but, in fact, offer a deeper more urgent message.


Maxine studied for a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England in June 2018. She is an award winning artist, who won the best emerging student/recent graduate artist at the Flourish Award 2018. More recently in 2021, Maxine’s multi-layered print ‘Solitude ll,’ won the Printmaking Prize, at the Bath Society of Artist’s Annual Summer Exhibition (Bath). She has contributed to a number of prestigious exhibitions, including The RWA (Bristol) Summer Shows, The RBSA (Birmingham) and The Master’s ‘Screen and Stone’ (Bankside Gallery, London).

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