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Mark Elliott Smith Exhibition Image 2022.jpg

Mark Elliott Smith received his BA (Hons) Fine Art from the University of Plymouth. His work has been exhibited in London and the South West and at several art fairs. He has been selected for several prize exhibitions, and has been commissioned to paint a number of murals for a prestigious boutique hotel.

His paintings investigate formal relationships of colour and shape and their potential for emotional affect, and examine the capacity of art to animate a space in a positive way. 

Mark’s neurodivergent approach gives him a unique window on the world, seeing thoughts and ideas as patterns. By collaging initial marks into a structure with a sense of dynamic unity and balance, he builds images which are analogues of the process of construction and destruction, fragmentation and coherence. They aspire to music, having their own rhythm, flow and emotion.

The paintings are meticulously and systematically hand-painted in flat, crisp colour, and animate space with a stimulating affect of movement and vivacity, imparting an energizing, positive sense of possibility.

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