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A Note from the Artist:


Königen der Nacht and Ma Destinée relate to a series of works that I did this year inspired by Victor
Hugo’s ink drawings (Ma Destinée is the title of one of them) and the wood engravings made after them
in the 1880s by Fortuné Louis Malle for Hugo’s book Travailleurs de la Mer. My work seeks out a visual vocabulary for the invisible matter of water, a kind of visual ‘seaspeak.’ I was very interested to discover some of Méaulle’s solutions in his graphic lines, dots and mark making which are freely reinterpreted here. The important thing about Ma Destinée is that the wave is being surfed, not fought against. And Königin der Nacht seemed an appropriate title to describe the wild, magnificent and female essence of the sea, as so beautifully expressed by Mozart.


The four paintings Source I, II, III and IV continue the theme of earth and water and the essence of life running through time. They lead from one to the next and can be taken individually or as a whole.

Louisa Burnett-Hall
Paris, 11 October 2022

Louisa Burnett-Hall has her studio in Paris, France where she lives and works. She is a part-time drawing tutor at ESAM Design School in Paris. 


Direct contact with her material is essential to Louisa’s practice, thus she feels the need to touch the surface of her works creating her marks whether using fingers, rags, pens or other tools, appropriating the subject and making it personal.


She obtained a Fine Art MA Hons, Degree from Edinburgh University where she concurrently studied printmaking, painting and drawing at Edinburgh College of Art. 

It was through the practice of printmaking that she found her approach to landscape painting, breaking the images down into its essential expression through mass and line which she continues to develop today. 


Louisa has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in many countries including UK, France, Spain and China.

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