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In this series of works for the exhibition "Water, Aria and Variations', Louisa Burnett-Hall explores water as a source of life and meditation. She paints it all in its real and imagined forms, constantly searching for a simple visual vocabulary filled with latent emotional charge.

The artist's energy is deliberately concentrated into this living subject , this running water that flows like the blood in our veins. Line, form and colour explode in her life size as part of this visual quest.

Louisa -Burnett-Hall skilfully works with a wide range of vibrant colours evoking water.Although she often favours blues, she also likes to use whites, greys, yellows, reds and greens.Her recent paintings are animated by the essence of life extracted from this magical, pure or turbulent fluid.

Her creations are like musical arrangements for the soloist. The strength of this theme is founded in the carefree memories of innocent childhood where the simple pleasure of walking in water was a source of amazement and discovery.The painter is inspired by the luxuriant English countryside and her recent travels abroad. The experiences enrich and deepen her understading of the atmospheric chages in our time.

Quite simply, this most British of Parisians stimulates her creativity by anchoring it in the visible and invisible nature of water, which is channelled into the inner landscape revealed in her paintings. Her work as an artist is a daily necessity, a vital need. It enables her to open a dialogue in an extraordinary and silent way with an unknown audience, who can clearly imagine the meaning as they stand before the work.They understand the her message: water is precious resource that governs our universe and we must be aware of this. It is life itself.

                                                                                                    Dr Pick Keobandith

                                                                                                          Director o Qu Art SA

                                                                                       Madrid, 29 December 2015



Louisa Burnett-Hall has her studio in Paris, France where she lives and works. She is a part-time drawing tutor at ESAM Design School in Paris. 


Direct contact with her material is essential to Louisa’s practice, thus she feels the need to touch the surface of her works creating her marks whether using fingers, rags, pens or other tools, appropriating the subject and making it personal.


She obtained a Fine Art MA Hons, Degree from Edinburgh University where she concurrently studied printmaking, painting and drawing at Edinburgh College of Art. 

It was through the practice of printmaking that she found her approach to landscape painting, breaking the images down into its essential expression through mass and line which she continues to develop today. 


Louisa has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in many countries including UK, France, Spain and China.

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