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Kaori Homma is an artist originally from Japan, based in London exhibiting internationally.
After gaining a Degree in BA Fine Art from the Tokyo University of Art and Design, Homma studied at the Chelsea School of Art for MA in Fine Art Sculpture. Alongside her Art Practice Homma is a long-standing associate lec- turer at the University of Arts London. Homma is one of the judges for 2024 Women in Art Prize. She is also a director of Art in The Nuclear Age CIC, a trustee of Morphe Arts, and the core member of Brockley Open Studios.

Homma has been awarded with international awards, including, the Parker Harris Special Award in the UK, the Aqua-Zero Award in Spain, and the In- ternational Drawing Award in Hungary. She had many solo shows as well as collaborative shows in the UK, USA, Hungary, Paris and Japan and her works are in public and private collections. Homma's works are regularly exhibited at RA Summer Exhibitions.

In Homma’s work beneath the alluring images, darker and distractive compulsions lie within. Unlike pigments arranged on a surface as you might see in normal paintings, these images are made possible by the violence inflicted by fire. This technique known as Aburidashi in Japanese is often associated with secret correspondence and espionage. Drawing the images with this "invisible" ink but instead of concealing, Homma exposes the images to fire so that the heat etches images and becomes a part of the fragile structure of the paper. Through this process, her works refer to the undercurrent of eco-anxiety while also at the same time a glimmer of hope and a deep yearning towards a place of belonging.

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