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Marguerite Horner in the studio (2).jpg

Marguerite Horner is a British artist who won the 2018 British Women Artist Award. Her paintings aim to investigate, amongst other things, the notions of transience, intimacy, loss and hope.


She graduated with an MA in Fine Art from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2004 and was presented by Sir Peter Blake with the Kidd Rapinet Prize for outstanding MA degree work.  

This series of watercolour paintings were inspired by a visit to the California coast one Christmas.  I looked down upon the beach with its low wintery light dappling over the flickering water, the white light of the sun blinding the overlapping waves, almost devouring the silhouetted people far below strolling across the sand, there was a sense of experiencing something otherworldly,” wholly other"-- entirely different from anything we experience in ordinary life....a sense of the 'Numinous' 

In 2024 a book about Marguerite’s recent body of work called ‘Numinous’ was published with a Foreword written by publisher and writer Matt Price and an essay by multidisciplinary scholar Dr Matthew James Holman.

Marguerites paintings ' lift the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the specific into the universal...they are about the seen and the unseen, the life behind the eye as well as the world in front of it"

                                                                 Lady Marina Vaizey CBE.


Lady Marina Vaizey CBE was formerly the Art Critic for the  FT and Sunday Times and a Turner Prize Judge.

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