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 Born in the Blitz. London. 1940.  I am currently living and working in Southern Spain.  Spending time in this strong light with the earth colours of the local countryside and the somewhat harsh character of the landscape, has caused my work to develop in all sorts of different directions.   I draw and paint a lot  from life but my main work is abstract. I like the idea of attempting to compose on canvas with colour and line  not unlike how a composer uses sound. I love experimenting. Recently I have been painting on  glass and Perspex, on both sides which starts to give a three dimensional feel; this has lead me to starting  to work with light, moving away from the flat picture plain and illusory depth and wanting to create colour fields with light and recently laser light. I am also working on ideas for interactive installations that you could move around in, in collaboration with Jim Webb, a laser expert. My painting and sculpture seem to move quite naturally from figuration to abstraction, to totally abstract but my main direction is abstract.   Sometimes I see a visual image, a picture, in my mind but as soon as I start to work on it, it kind of takes over. Figuration can be the starting point for my work, but whether figurative or abstract, my aim is to make paintings that resonate through their use of colour and their formal qualities, opening that space in the brain which leads to heightened awareness. In summary it has been said that all Art aspires to the condition of music. Obviously all the arts are very closely allied feeding into and from each other, however I am interested in the primacy of sight and how equally music can be described in terms of colour. 

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