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Benedict Brain is a UK-based photographer, award-winning journalist and author. He balances his personal practice with writing about photography and running photography workshops and enrichment programmes. He writes a monthly column called The Art of Seeing, and his first book, You Will Be Able To Take Great Photos By The End of This Book, was published in 2023 by Ilex Press in the UK and by Prestel in the USA with translations in Spanish, Bulgarian and German; his second book, A Camera Bag Companion was published in March 2024. Benedict is often seen on the panels of prestigious photo competitions, and in 2020, he founded Potato Photographer of the Year.  Benedict exhibits his work internationally and travels the world as a public speaker, talking about the art and craft of photography.

"I am fascinated by the banal and explore the world's liminal spaces with a camera. I aim to look beyond the obvious, capturing the essence of quietly spoken, mundane places in a way that transcends their apparent dullness. Through photography, I seek out the overlooked, revealing hidden mysteries and narratives where you least expect them. By inviting viewers to look more closely at their surroundings, I hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for the extraordinary beauty found in ordinary spaces, moments, and brief encounters".

"The images in this collection are from a larger body of work called “In Between”. This ongoing project is a visual exploration of the quietly spoken everyday landscapes that straddle the boundaries of reality and the imagination. Images have been made all over the globe on my world travels. I use photography to uncover the hidden beauty of the banal and liminal places that often go unnoticed.  Using techniques such as near-abstraction, isolation and fragmentation, the photographs challenge traditional modes of representation and ask viewers to reconsider their understanding of space and reality in the world, inviting them to engage with the liminal spaces that exist beyond conventional perception".

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