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Andrélis-Rye Studio


The work by Andrélis-Rye is a captivating demonstration of spontaneously inventing shapes and forms through the use of colour. 

' if being immersed in the infinite depths of a childhood dream.'

- Beatrice Commengé, Sept 2022


Working from their studio in France, the two artists, Catherine Andrélis and Terry Rye, at times work collaboratively to create vibrant combinations using the energetic interplay of line and form with bright, almost candy-coloured hues. This fascinating practice can be seen clearly in 'The Fairies' and 'A Floating World'. These works are fun and playful with a resonating energy. They make the viewer want to look and look again.


Works such as Fuji and Fuji 2 are a true exploration of form and colour through paint and collage. Once again, they are lively and jocund in their execution.

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